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Because They’re Kids is a new charity
designed to provide children
with the services they need.We will be
going into the communities and
working with children and their
families one on one.We want to see
what their needs are first hand and
help them accordingly, whether it’s
with food, clothing, counseling, or

Toronto Today
In Toronto today we have many childrenthat require our assistance. Every day
there are more and more children who
are either living or hanging out on the
streets of Toronto. The number of
children living outdoors is shocking
and they are getting younger and
younger all of the time. There are
many children under the age of 15 out
there now. A lot of these children are
begging for money or worse. There
are young girls eleven or twelve years
old selling their bodies to the guy
who drives by. These are things we
need to change. These children
should be home in bed at night, not
prostituting their bodies, to get food,
clothes, for the basic necessities of
life that so many people take for
granted. It is our job as members of
the community to help these children
get back to where they are supposed
to be.

A single parent today with two children
under the age of ten takes home .
dollars per month. I will do a breakdown
of a months expendatures so you can
see why we do indeed REQUIRE a food
program in the low income areas.
two bedroom minimum
food per month
As you can see she has a very hard chance of survival on the allotted amount the government gives her. We went to the 416 food bank and asked what a mother would receive for 2 children under ten and this is what we were told they would receive:
4 cans of soup
1 box powdered milk
1 can of tomatoes or pasta sauce
1 box of crackers
2 jars of peanut butter
4 cans of beans
4 cans of zoodles
2 packages of kraft dinner
1 loaf of bread.
As you can see yes you can survive on these foods but there is little to no nutritional value.

Growing Problems
We have a growing problem with
children stealing clothing from other
children. Our goal is to provide the
basic necessities of life, therefore
establishing a better place for kids to
There are many things in the world
that scare children; we need to
eliminate some of the problems that
are so abundant in our society today.


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Our Solutions
Our hope today is to inform you about a new initiative that will establish a food
program in the low income areas in order to feed the children of Canada who desperately need
our support. Mr. Silverman of City Pulse did a five part serial on starving kids in Guiana and the
Canadians who provided assistance. This is great in its own right, however, we have starving kids
in our own city who need our help. Our government recognizes that an important factor that
contributes to our children’s learning is a full stomach. Therefore they implemented a breakfast
program for some students in the schools. However, what they do not recognize is that the same
children who need a breakfast program also require an evening meal. Perhaps they do not need
dinner to improve in school but they do require regular meals to be healthy and active.

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